Shadowmews Rob Roy aka Felix was sold to a young girl from Toronto who fellin love with the Scottish Fold breed and went to a show to find herself a pet. She picked Felix and he grew into a lovely companion for her. She took him to a show and he did place but he really hated the bath before the show. She didn't have the heart to continue to fight with him over baths so she retired him to a homebody and that was just fine with Felix!
          Crosshill Maggie was sold as a pet because she was too lean.Many Scottish Folds mature slowly and Maggie filled out and became a show quality Premier. She earned the title of Grand Premier in CFA and a Master Grand Premier in CCA.

Crosshill Cookie the King was sold as a pet as a young kitten. We were amazed how beautiful he turned out to be. We persuaded his owners to show him which they did but they were not keen on shows as much as we were so they decided to retire him to King of the House. Cookie agrees!