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GC Tifftam Chocolotta Spots

Welcome to TrickleCreek Cattery, home of exceptional Scottish Folds and American Shorthairs. We were founded in 1997 after years of research and education about the Scottish Fold cat. Our cattery name was the result of a family legacy, it was established at TrickleCreek Ranch, a very special place in Washington state that has been in our family since the 1930�s. You guessed it, we live next to a small trickling creek.

We have worked very hard to make sure our cats carry on the TrickleCreek legacy. We selected each of our cats based on their exceptional personalities as well as their remarkable show pedigrees. All of our cats have come from very special catteries with legacies of their own. We are forever grateful to the people behind Lochlee, Beepafold, Miribu, Tifftam, TJ Mac, Hearken, and Kittyfield Catteries. Without the trust and support from these wonderful people, we would not have the very special cats that we do today.

Please take a look inside, we love to show off our babies!

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